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Topics: Introduce Workflow, Key Features of Clarity, 4 use cases

Topics: Creating dataset, Data sources, Preview and setting options, Mapping, Sampling, Creating project

Topics: Data Types, Predefined Data Types, Custom Data Types, Auto-suggest Data Types

Topcis: Text Facet with cluster, numeric facet, pattern facet, custom facet

Topics: Introduction, Profile – Row Analysis, Profile – Column Analysis

Topics: line, bar, pie, line/bar, scatter charts

topics: Rows and Records, Transformation Basics, Batch Transformations, Built-in Transformations, ‘All’ Column Transformations

Topics: Introduction, Date Datatypes, Transform Date Format, Source Date Format, Edit Cells > Transform

Topics: dependency relationship, key columns and data values.

Topics: Dedup Overview, TIBCO Pattern Server Connection, Configure Dedup on a Single Column, Dedup Results, Configure Dedup on Multiple Columns, Use Column Weighting

Topics: Dedup Overview, Ignore Empty, Reject Score, Switchable Groups, Thesaurus, External Tables

Topics: Resolving country names using Maporama, Address mapping to known types, Setting cleansing options, Adding additional columns

Topics: Defining a sample data set, Data set validation and updates, Apply actions to all data

Topics: Data Types and Constraints, Invalid Values and Validation, Export Types/Constraints

Topics: Spotfire Connection, Upload Data to Spotfire, Apply Spotfire Functions, Modify Clarity Data, Resync/Upload

Topics: Reorder, rename, remove, add and merger columns

Topics: Validation by Date type, Timeline Faceting

Topics: Introduce record mode, Blank down records and joint rows, Use record aggregation function

Topics: Global search function, Column based search function

Topcis: Introduce the difference between null and empty


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