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02/20/2013: TIBCO ActiveMatrix Policy Director enables dynamic, policy-based SOA governance by allowing users to manager and enforce cross-functional requirements such as security, monitoring,...

02/27/13: TIBCO Certified Architect certifications are the highest level of accreditation in the TIBCO Certified Professional Program.

03/11/13: In this webinar, learn how TIBCO ActiveMatrix® Service Gateway addresses the challenges of an ESB for external consumers while reducing the cost of managing your enterprise.

04/08/13: This webinar will detail the benefits, features and architecture of the TIBCO Enterprise Message Service™ Appliance.

04/24/13: TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM was designed from the ground up to support the independent workflow patterns definitions produced by the Workflow Patterns Initiative.

05/22/2013: This webinar features how TIBCO Hawk helps IT staff ensure and improve the performance and liability of the software that supports business processes.

06/19/2013: TIBCO Silver® Mobile is TIBCO’s mobile solution which helps develop, deploy, and manage mobile apps. It allows developers to create apps using open standards, such as HTML5 and CSS,...

07/17/2013: To effectively compete in the 21st century you need to tightly integrate with you customers and business partners.

08/28/13: TIBCO Cloud Bus™ is an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) that allows you to seize the full potential of your cloud investments. Cloud Bus supports your enterprise’s pivot to...

10/23/13 - This webinar is an introduction to TIBCO's secure corporate file sharing product called, TIBCO Vault.

1/27/14: Data is your organizations’ most valuable asset, and when applied correctly can reveal new opportunities, unseen threats and areas ripe for business improvement.

04/18/2014: This webinar is focused on TIBCO Vault, who's design is based on specific customer needs to be able to securely share files between organizations and also do this in a user-to-user...

9/11/14 - This webinar will include a brief overview of TIBCO's messaging business and also look at how the messaging environment is changing, especially how fast data is taking over and...

Topics: Introduce Workflow, Key Features of Clarity, 4 use cases

Topics: Creating dataset, Data sources, Preview and setting options, Mapping, Sampling, Creating project

Topics: Data Types, Predefined Data Types, Custom Data Types, Auto-suggest Data Types

Topcis: Text Facet with cluster, numeric facet, pattern facet, custom facet

Topics: Introduction, Profile – Row Analysis, Profile – Column Analysis

Topics: line, bar, pie, line/bar, scatter charts

topics: Rows and Records, Transformation Basics, Batch Transformations, Built-in Transformations, ‘All’ Column Transformations

Topics: Introduction, Date Datatypes, Transform Date Format, Source Date Format, Edit Cells > Transform

Topics: dependency relationship, key columns and data values.

Topics: Dedup Overview, TIBCO Pattern Server Connection, Configure Dedup on a Single Column, Dedup Results, Configure Dedup on Multiple Columns, Use Column Weighting

Topics: Dedup Overview, Ignore Empty, Reject Score, Switchable Groups, Thesaurus, External Tables

Topics: Resolving country names using Maporama, Address mapping to known types, Setting cleansing options, Adding additional columns


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