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Topics: Introduce TIBCO Vault, Introduce the connection configure of TIBCO vault, Import from TIBCO Vault, Export to TIBCO Vault

Topics: Activespaces connection, Download data from Activespace, Modify Clarity data, Upload data to Activespace

Topics: Connect to AWS S3, Import file from AWS S3, Export file to AWS S3

Topics: Import tables from two Salesforce accounts, Run dedup, Insert the new records, Merge duplicated records to one Salesforce account

Topics: Examine data in two SalesForce instances, Load SalesForce data into Clarity, Run dedup to identify duplicate records, Synchronize records, Verify results

Topics: Create guidelines for Swapping, Running DataSwapper,Evaluating Swap Results

Topics: Guidelines for swapping, Document Splitter data swapping parameters, Split-and-swap result file evaluation

Topics: Essentials of Graph databases, Terminology, Comparison to traditional RDBMS

Topics: List download options, Differentiate between versions, Examine installed folders and files

Topics: Identify key configuration file, Check Database settings, Explain security and logging level, Review listener details

Topics: Discuss Server and client, Initialize using database configuration, Startup server, Use admin commands to view demo data

Topics: Defining Attributes and Nodes, Adding Indexes, Viewing existing metadata

Topics: Run time Options, Users and connections, Examine Metadata

Topics: Explain export command syntax, Execute export command, Specify specific or sets of node types for export, Designate export directory, Examine exported files

Topics Covered: Why Log Logic; Installation and Components; Log Logic Benefits; Reporting Options.

Topics Covered: Version Information; Changing Defaults; Sub-menus; Reports.

Topics Covered: Navigation; Administration; Dashboards; System Status.

An introduction to the Spotfire analytics tool and how its capabilities provide greater insight into data than standard reporting. The role of Spotfire in analyzing BPM data is described and...


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