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SP7100: Introduce TIBCO Spotfire® 7.x Features

Topics: Identify types of Spotfire Clients, Spotfire Platform Components, Desktop to Cloud options

TGD7700: Introduce TIBCO Graph Database

Topics: Essentials of Graph databases, Terminology, Comparison to traditional RDBMS

TGD7705: Use Admin Client in TIBCO® Graph Database

Topics: Defining Attributes and Nodes, Adding Indexes, Viewing existing metadata

TGD7704: Initialization and Startup in TIBCO® Graph Database

Topics: Discuss Server and client, Initialize using database configuration, Startup server, Use admin commands to view demo data

TGD7703: Server Details in TIBCO® Graph Database

Topics: Identify key configuration file, Check Database settings, Explain security and logging level, Review listener details

TGD7701: Install TIBCO® Graph Database

Topics: List download options, Differentiate between versions, Examine installed folders and files

BPM4105: Developing Process Models with TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM 1.0

This module presents details of process modeling in AMX-BPM Business Studio including process flow control, workflow patterns, process work distribution and resource patterns. [Course Length: 50 min.]

PWS1120: Competitive Advantage Series - TIBCO B2B

12/15/11: In today’s economy, Sales needs the right tools to be competitive. The "Attack Kit" has been designed for Account Execs to help strongly position TIBCO when competing against other vendors. The Attack Kit provides high-level positioning points and key differentiators to help beat the competitor.

This 4 part series includes members of TIBCO Product Marketing discussing:
• Who are the Competitors?
• Acquisitions - How they got there?
• Win Strategy & References
• Key Differentiators
• Market Profile
• Analyst Reports
• Product Overview & Bullet Points

Presented by: Kevin Bohan from the TIBCO Multi-Enterprise Connectivity Group [Course duration: 34 minutes]


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