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TGD7707: Export from TIBCO Graph Database

Topics: Explain export command syntax, Execute export command, Specify specific or sets of node types for export, Designate export directory, Examine exported files

SP7100: Introduce TIBCO Spotfire® 7.x Features

Topics: Identify types of Spotfire Clients, Spotfire Platform Components, Desktop to Cloud options

TGD7700: Introduce TIBCO Graph Database

Topics: Essentials of Graph databases, Terminology, Comparison to traditional RDBMS

TGD7705: Use Admin Client in TIBCO® Graph Database

Topics: Defining Attributes and Nodes, Adding Indexes, Viewing existing metadata

TGD7704: Initialization and Startup in TIBCO® Graph Database

Topics: Discuss Server and client, Initialize using database configuration, Startup server, Use admin commands to view demo data

TGD7703: Server Details in TIBCO® Graph Database

Topics: Identify key configuration file, Check Database settings, Explain security and logging level, Review listener details

TGD7701: Install TIBCO Graph Database

Topics: List download options, Differentiate between versions, Examine installed folders and files


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